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• Access Control Cable

• Fire Alarm Cable

• Waterblock Cable

• Low Capacitance Cable

• High Temperature Cable

• Sound and Security Cable

• Category Cable

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• Home Automation Cable

• CATV Coaxial

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Fire Alarm Cable is now completely Spool-Proof™

  • • SIMpull® NoLube® wire jacket
  • • Durable package fully encases & helps protect wire
  • • Built-in handle
  • • Payoff directly from package. Reduce setup
  • • No more broken spools
  • • Designed to help reduce potential lifting/handling/pulling injuries
  • • Innovative design reduces pulling effort, no over-spin
  • • Designed to help increase productivity
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What color is fire alarm cable?
Fire Alarm comes in more colors than red…with Southwire, you have options. All the colors of the rainbow are in stock for fire alarm cables, allowing for easy identification and installation.
Bundling multiple cables saves labor and costs by reducing the number of cables pulled. Southwire offers a full line of bundled cables for access control and other applications.
Radio Guide. Page 6. (RG6 referred to page 6 of the original government issued radio guide.) RG6 today might be for CATV, surveillance, or HD video. Southwire makes them all.
Why does my cable need a shield?
Shielding is designed to protect signal transmission. Low voltage and electronic cables are susceptible to EM and RF interference. Southwire manufactures instrumentation and tray cables in 300 and 600V, shielded and non-shielded, and in various insulating and jacketing constructions.
90 meters for CAT 5E and 100 meters for CAT 6. (Based on the TIA/EIA standards) Southwire offers a full line of CAT3, 5E, and 6 in riser, plenum and halogen free constructions.
When cables are routed through a plenum as open wiring (not in conduit) – the cable must be plenum rated. A plenum is a concealed space serving as return air space for the HVAC system.

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